FALKEMANDEN – winner of “Alone in the wilderness” – invites you to unique nature experiences for the whole family.

The show and bisonsafari is performed in Danish, but we have a English script you can follow, and its possible to ask questions in English after the show.

BIRD OF PREY SHOW: Come and meet our fantastic birds of prey and owls. In our entertaining, instructive, and untraditionally show, you will experience the birds up close and see their fantastic and acrobatic flying display. The falconer and the birds will show how they work together as a team.
You can even get the chance to hold a bird of prey or owl yourself.  Learn more.

BISON BURGERS: You can enjoy our tasty Bison Burgers or welcome to bring your own food – and enjoy it in some beautiful settings. We have open and covered picnic areas. It is possible to preorder Bison Burgers. Learn More.

BISON SAFARI: After our public Bird of prey show, we have our public Bison Safari. There are limited spaces for the Safari – it is possible to preorder spaces for the Safari, or you can book a Privat Safari. Learn more.

OWL FOREST: Before or after the show you can discover our owl forest. You can meet some of the largest owls in the world, fallow deer, and domestic ferrets. Explore the forest maze by answering the questions and see if you can find your way around without getting lost. There is free entre to the owl forest, when you have bought a ticket for the show or Bison Safari.

FALCONER FOR A DAY / WALK WITH A HAWK: This is a one and a half hour personally experience. It is you, the guest, who is the falconer and gets to fly the free bird of prey. To fly a free bird of prey in our beautiful surroundings, is an experience you will never forget. Learn more